*HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC* Promoting your Band Through Social Media

There are various ways that allow you to promote your music on social media and they are pretty easy and accessible. We talked about music promotion in our post “Top 5 low cost ways to promote your music” but today we are going to give you a panoramic view on the social media world. Yes, we did say “Go Digital” before!

The music industry has always been part of a world where the so called word-of-mouth was extremely important! Even before during the era of the “music 1.0″ (as mentioned by Music 3.0) the way people, their fan base, talked and interacted with each other made it possible for bands and solo artists alike to rock to stardom.

So what’s different today?
Years ago, band promotion was strictly related to labels, band managers and promoters (plus loads of money); but now things have changed and with the advent of new technologies and the expansion of new realities such as social medias, it all took a positive turn for musicians. Promotion is basically more accessible and definitely cheaper!

Because we are a music platform that works to promote bands and deliver the best music professional services it’s important for us to help you through this digital jungle. Here we opted only for the most popular social media platforms and services so you can build up the basis of a good social media presence for yourself (and your band!).

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What you should know
Promotional strategies for social media are adjusting – what we mean is that there was a time where email marketing, messages, Facebook tagging, etc. were often misused and people/fans started to perceive all of these (in fact useful) tools as elements of invasive marketing, a practice also known as Spamming.

Things are changing now and certain practices are not accessible anymore. Consequently when promoting your own band you should be really careful and avoid anything that might remotely feel invasive to your audience.

Here are the few main points to start out on social media:

No Spam: More Info, engaging stories and entertaining posts. In different words be informal, close to your fans and talk about what you like the most: Your music and curious music news (basically whatever a music geek or fan might like).
Too much information might be detrimental for your music promotion. Do not overdo! As they say less is more, keep it simple, a few posts a day on your main accounts will do the work and keep your audience engaged.
For bands in particular: work as a team. You might want to also create your individual “band member profiles” ( after you’ve created a band main profile). This can create quite a stir allowing the informations to move faster and in different directions. It will also show how close you are to your audience giving a more genuine touch to your promotional strategy. Bands like Foster The People did it on Twitter.
Build the basis. Social media to promote your music
Start from just a few channels. The most used ones are the best, then opt for the ones you can manage more easily.

Facebook. Probably there is no need to say it, in fact, for almost 10 years on Facebook is still one of the best platforms to promote your live events. If you play it well, you will soon get people to get to know your band and attend your live events.
A good source to look at for clear line guides is the article written by Brenna Ehrlich for Mashable “10 Best Practices for Bands on Facebook”.
Twitter. Another must-use social tool. You will only have 140 characters to “tweet to the world” per time. Great to update your audience in real-time. Have a look at this great article “Twitter for musicians and artists” on twitter dev.
Instagram. This is a winner, which lets you show your fans what you are up to: band rehearsal, jokes, your pictures from the stage, anything will trigger your audience interest and curiosity. Read this “10 Top Instagram Tips For Musicians“.
Vine. This is one of the ultimate apps. Here you can share life in motion but you will only have 6 seconds to do that so be creative! Notable and innovative musicians are already using it and Mashable tells us who they are: “35 Ways Musicians and Music Brands Are Using Twitter’s Vine”.
Sounday of course! It’s not to pump up our own ego but working on a music platform is what we spend our days doing, and we’re pretty passionate about it. Here you can create not only your artist profile but manage multiple profiles ( your band, your solo projects and so on).
Last but not least: If you can, distribute your music online. Think about the excitement of finally having your music on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and all the the other mainstream digital stores. Next time a venue manager, promoter or label asks you where they can find your music, you will sound like true professional.

Sounday has a distribution service and it is extremely affordable. As we said before our mission is to make it as easy and simple as possible for independent musicians and all of those that chose the indie way.

Now get your social presence sorted! We are waiting to see your Sounday Music profile soon!